Integrating urban food production in urban planning (2016-heden)

The interaction between planners and societal urban agriculture initiatives and its influence on planning policy in a complex, pluralistic society.

Promotieonderzoek naar de rol van maatschappelijke voedselinitiatieven in stedelijke voedselplanning, met name de ruimtelijke planning van stadslandbouw.

Aan: Wageningen Universiteit, Social Sciences, Rurale Sociologie
Promotor: Prof. Dr. ir. J.S.C. (Han) Wiskerke, Professor Rurale Sociologie
Co-promotors: Dr. J.W. (Jan Willem) van der Schans, senior onderzoeker Wageningen Economic Research,
Prof. Dr. A.J.J. (Arnold) van der Valk, Emeritus Professor Land Use Planning

Abstract: In today’s Western European society increased participation of civic initiatives confronts planning with challenges regarding governance, decision making and representation. Sustainable urban food planning can be seen as a laboratory for planning concepts that deal with these challenges. This research investigates how governmental and societal actors interact in spatial planning of urban food initiatives. Currently, there is a gap between these bottom-up initiatives and governmental top-down planning. Civic urban food initiatives represent a diversity of frames and perspectives on what a sustainable food system should be and on how planning can contribute. Planners at different government levels struggle to facilitate these diverse initiatives and their various frames and perspectives and include them in their planning efforts.
This research aims to gain understanding of the practice of urban food planning, its strategies, the actors involved and their roles and relations. It investigates what conceptualisations of planning are relevant when planning in and for a pluralistic, participative society, and planning for sustainable goals related to an unknown future. What concepts of planning are effective in including multiple actors and stakeholders and their respective frames and perspectives on a sustainable food system in spatial planning for a common sustainable future? How are different actors and their frames and perspectives included in the decision making process and what are their respective roles and action perspectives? What is the role of the planning practitioner in this and what is the role of governmental planning at different levels?